Saturday, June 21, 2008

CEO Space, BJ Dohrmann, Founder
CEO Space is dedicated to growing consensus that the Free Enterprise System (as presently practiced using the competitive traditional model for business management) is fatally flawed.

What Is the CEO Space Difference?

CEO Space represents a "very advanced" management training that demonstrates the advantages to performance output that flow from cooperative systems technology in the work place. CEO Space has helped to reform work culture for leading fortune companies, such as 3M Corporation, using the cooperation technology approach.

Excellence and performance reach previously impossible levels when cooperation vs. competition systems models reform corporate culture. The cooperation systems training has long been a CEO Space signature in corporate training. While other fine training is available from sources everywhere, few offer the complete menu CEO Space programs deliver, and none offer cooperative systems training to elevate near and long term performance gains.

Cooperation skills training, cooperation system modeling, and cooperation methods in the work place all appeal to CEO vision planners. CEOs who master these new tools begin to apply them to system-wide training missions.

CEO Space tools work. CEOs report higher performance from teams who attend CEO Space retreat weeks. CEOs also use CEO Space as a new way to reward their teams while fostering elevated work place performance.

How Can CEO Space Be So Many Things for So Many?

Some of the most gifted trainers alive have chosen CEO Space as their favorite swimming pool to collaborate. New trainings are invented at CEO Space that literally improves the future of the corporate world. This expert faculty team believes only with collective team coaching over many expertise areas, can a true jump in quality begin for what comes next in performance gains. CEO Space has successfully proved this premise.

CEO Space links a team of training talent no one firm can easily afford, or manage as to time and schedule, into a single effective process that offers unmatched value to the CEO planning and execution process. It is unique to have smaller firms benefit equally with larger firms. Professionals report CEO Space is a superior practice management school with the focus on business most professionals benefit from immediately.

Graduate feedback has elevated resources at CEO Space over many years. By listening to the leading CEOs who are our customers, our own product has been enriched to be more complete than anything else we know of. CEOs helping CEOs have also helped CEO Space to improve a great product into an unmatched product. We ask our CEOs to help us stay there.

What Makes CEO Space Free Enterprise Training Different from a Conventional Workshop?

CEO Space feels more like a trade show than a class or seminar. CEO Space employs a unique format and pacing not found in other programs. CEO Space curriculum is a significant MBA refresher program in one week's time. Educational offers of similar duration require investments of from $15,000 to $45,000 for a one-time access. CEO Space provides ongoing support at a fraction of the price point.

Relationship building between CEOs, including important alliance building, is created during each week-long CEO Space event, as another unique format departure. CEO Space is transactional, which fast-paced CEO and management teams appreciate. Workshops are slower paced by nature.

Experts are on-site to help CEOs develop improved plans on a one-on-one basis, including better teams as required and resources to execute. Progress accelerates due to the rich contact grid on site at any CEO Space event. CEOs and wealthy company-merger acquisition-minded executives find CEO Space a friendly, comfortable environment.

Investors like CEO Space because the environment works like "investor anonymous." Investors appreciate the diversification into significant hyper growth potentials made possible by on site due diligence direct with company management. Investor completions ranging from modest to very large complex programs have been reported (see online videos for details).

Collective coaching provides expert coaches who represent many CEO coaching hours with leading CEOs, some of whom lead the top 10,000 Fortune Global firms. The CEO Space one-on-one coaching format works to help improve performance for the most sophisticated management teams.

CEO Space is a next generation ongoing trade show, think tank, performance training and culture upgrade for business planners. The on-going process helps members to remain active and beneficial to one another over time. The CEO Space Alumni association value is a very strong value proposition for membership.

We live in a new era of speed. CEO Space upgrades performance faster with more help along the way.

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